Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nantasket Beach and Hull: The Closest Clean Beach to Boston

To those that live on the South Shore, we kind of take Nantasket Beach for granted. It's a great beach, and anyone that doesn't live in Massachusetts and has been there will tell you that. Nantasket Beach is located in Hull, a peninsula town north of Hingham. Just south of Boston, you can find Wollaston Beach, but it isn't anywhere near as clean or as "beachy" as Nantasket.

Nantasket Beach is known for its giant sea wall that runs alongside the coast, and the giant tidal pool area to along the rocks near the entrance to the beach. While Paragon Park might be closed, Nantasket is still making some great memories for kids and adults alike for the white sand beaches, open Atlantic waves, and summer fun.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Best Beaches on the South Shore of Massachusetts

south shore beachesMassachusetts is renowned for its great beaches, and some of the best in the state can be found on the South Shore. While thee beaches of the South Shore may not be as well as known as the beaches from Cape Cod, they might be just as impressive and beautiful (and without the Sagamore Bridge traffic).

Read more about the beautiful South Shore beaches on this page, which features coastal favorites like Wollaston, Nantasket, Duxbury Beach and Whitehorse Beach.