Monday, May 10, 2010

Cape Winds - Will It Benefit the Bay State, or Ruin Timeless Views of Cape Cod and Nantucket?

cape wind

Cape Wind hasn't been the smoothest project to get off the ground, and it's been a difficult hurdle to overcome for proponents of alternative energy. With all signs pointing to the Cape Winds wind energy project getting the green light, this could be a giant step forward in energy independence, or a massive setback in terms of keeping our environment pristine and beautiful.

If it's one thing that Cape Cod isn't known for, it's massive, tall, towering structures jutting into the open sky like Manhattan. However, that's just what the Cape Wind project is proposing. The area that the Cape Wind project will consume, over the open ocean of Nantucket Sound, will equal roughly the size of Manhattan. These structures could dominate the skyline for certain views looking from Craigville Beach, Edgartown, and from Nantucket, amongst other beach communities.

If there were another option in terms of clean energy solutions, that would have been taken. It seems that Nantucket Sound has the sweet spot for strong winds that can be harnessed for energy, and the project is moving forward (for now). Many people are very concerned with the impact Cape Wind could have on the marine life of Nantucket Sound, as well as the spoiled views from so many beloved Cape Cod beaches.

Where do you stand on this issue? Are you for the creation of jobs and an alternative energy source on Cape Cod, or are you in favor of keeping Nantucket Sound free of the eyesore and protecting the marine habitat just beneath the proposed wind turbines? Weigh in with your thoughts on the Cape Wind debate here, and tell us what you really think! Don't hold back (and have fun, while you're at it).